Surveillance & Investigation Services

Surveillance can be classed as the continuous monitoring of persons, vehicles, places or objects to obtain information concerning the activities and identities of certain individual or items, as defined by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA 2000).

Our specialist surveillance & counter surveillance teams provide our clients with the ability to obtain and gather information using a variety of legal services. This facilitates our clients with the ability to piece together all of the parts of the jigsaw to either confirm or disprove their beliefs and concerns.

Our counter surveillance teams operate to ensure our clients are not being subjected to any intrusion or investigation by another surveillance team or penetration operation.

Our specialist surveillance operatives have been drawn from a variety of backgrounds including, specialist military operational units, police and specialist government service teams. Our teams Utilise state of the art technology and methodology, our surveillance teams are experts in successfully running investigations and operations for the following sensitive situations.

  • Corporate Cases
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Criminal Activities
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Matrimonial Concerns
  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Technical Counter Surveillance (Sweeps)


A surveillance operation is the most effective method of gathering intelligence and evidence relating to the activities of certain groups or individuals.

At G.I.S, we are in a position of being able to provide some of the most highly trained and experienced operators available.

Utilising the most sophisticated audiovisual equipment and surveillance techniques, we conduct operations with professionalism and diligence, ensuring accurate results backed up with the appropriate evidence.


Our counter surveillance teams operate to ensure our clients are not being subjected to any intrusion or investigation by another surveillance team or penetration operation.

If you suspect that you, your family members or employees are the subject of a surveillance operation for whatever reason, our counter team will easily be able to confirm or deny your suspicions and advise you on the relevant course of action.


Protective surveillance is often utilised in highly sensitive situations such as in the protection of spouses and children, where the obtrusive and overt attention of an individual bodyguard or close protection team would not be conducive to their lifestyles.

In such instances, we use a dedicated protective surveillance team providing an unobtrusive invisible security screen around the principal and the family ensuring complete peace of mind.


Gaining intelligence is a vital requirement to most organisations and the use of covert electronic devices such as audio transmitters and recorders (bugs) is disturbingly widespread. The subsequent intelligence that can be achieved through the use of these systems has the potential to be highly damaging to our clients, their family members, their companies or their reputation.

G.I.S utilise a wide range of state of the art covert technical tracking systems tailored for each unique situation. We offer Technical, Electronic Surveillance sweeps aimed at detecting and identifying threats from intrusive devices. We also offer specialist counter measures that can be employed to prevent intrusion during short-term windows of opportunity.

Personal information and Corporate IP should be two of the most guarded aspects. Sadly, this is often not the case and individuals and companies are subject to various levels of personal and financial loss on a daily basis.

Our services are mobile and can be deployed anywhere such as buildings, vehicles and maritime vessels and aircraft.