Specialist Project Management Services

We provide a comprehensive project management service, which can encompasses an initial risk and threat assessment. This normally requires a life style review, allowing us to understand how the client lives, the likes, dislikes and the living style and habits of the client. The accumulation of such fine detail allows us to appreciate and understand the specific requirements of the client and the project baseline.

This proven approach and process allows us the opportunity to understand and appreciate our client’s way of life and the reasoning behind many of their requests. This in turn affords us with the opportunity to confidently recommend the appropriate products, services and solutions, providing the desired project outcome. We can ensure that we deliver the appropriate level of personal protection for our clients, their family, the properties and importantly, to protect the client’s chosen way of life and their privacy.

As part of our specialist project management team, we have an experienced and professional team of consultants who possess unique skill-sets coupled with the important aspect of having actually worked alongside ultra high net-worth clients and family’s offices.

Key to delivering the correct level of security services and solutions is our partnership approach. We always listen, assess, provide advice and act on our client’s feedback ensuring they achieve their desired outcome. We are a light touch company who utilise technology but ensure that we always remain sympathetic to the fabric, age and disposition of the property.

We are experienced with working with local planning authorities, Grade I & II listed buildings, Natural England and Crown Estates.

We have the ability to either recommend or supply specialist contractors who deliver building and estate services and solutions such as:

  • Government & Military Grade Perimeter Protection Equipment
  • Advanced IP CCTV Equipment
  • Government Grade CCTV Analytics Anti-Terrorist Level Gates and Bollards
  • Access Control Systems Consisting of the Latest Biometric and Facial Recognition Systems
  • Specialist Door Key and Locking Systems
  • Museum Grade & Approved Artwork Alarms Safe Rooms and Secure Areas Insurance Fire Rated Safe
  • Specialist IT Suppliers & Solutions
  • Specialist Tracking & Monitoring Solutions

Whilst many of our products are of utilised by global governments, intelligence services, law enforcement agencies, military units and various civilian organisations. All of our products have been softened allowing the products to blend with many of our client’s wishes to remain low profile. Our proven approach is never to advocate a fortress mentality but to support the natural habitat and remain as sympathetic to the building or estate in general, whilst providing the appropriate level of protection.