Security Risk Management Services

We have been providing risk mitigation solutions for clients in respect of any physical security concerns and requirements they have or anticipate.

We have a team of dedicated consultants who possess a wealth of experience and understand how to interpret the regulations to meet the requirements of the client delivering a realistic and workable outcome for all concerned, whilst mitigating the risk and reducing liability.

We are experienced with working with local planning teams, Grade I and II listed buildings and the Crown Estates teams.

Security Assessments 

To provide clear and concise information enabling clients to proactively plan and select the appropriate method for reducing the threat against personnel, companies and assets. Clients can make informed decisions about potential gains and losses set against the relative risks, in order to implement responsible and effective business strategies.

Contingency Planning

Client’s deploying personnel to locations overseas need to consider the individuals personal safety. The risk assessment and contingency planning process is key to identifying and meeting the company or organisations duty of care, to its employees and shareholders. This process frequently identifies major issues that have not previously been considered. Effective and practical plans are produced with pre-determined triggers to manage crisis situations and are then tested using exercise scenarios.

Crisis Response

G.I.S take an integrated approach, providing strategic and tactical advice to the company’s head office Crisis Management Team and in-country operations delivered by highly experienced operational personnel.

The success of a project often depends on how it is initially rolled out. Therefore, it can be key to have a professional security consultant carry out threat and risk assessments along with establishing a resource footprint on the ground, prior to any team moving into any operations.

Identifying concerns through local intelligence networks and by maximising community relations at all levels also ensures that issues can be addressed early on and risks are minimised. This model enables a seamless transition for the NGOs to establish themselves with facilitating their security requirements prior and during deployment.

G.I.S are highly experienced in delivering consultancy services and quality assurance for established projects.