Security Dog Patrol

Our specialised security guard dogs and dog handlers can deter and detect against criminal activity, whilst also defending your business, your premises and your employees. Unlike some motion sensors and intruder alarm systems which tend to be reactive, guard dogs are trained to provide both a visual and audible deterrent and detect and alert against any potential threats before any activity takes place.

G.I.S guard dog security teams work regularly with the Governmental, commercial, retail, industrial and leisure sectors. We work with large corporations globally.

Why choose a Security Dog Patrol?

The simple answer is to protect your livelihood from the threat of criminal activity. Unfortunately, nowadays we are seeing more and more business owners fall foul at the hands of criminals who will stop at nothing to destroy your business and destroy your assets. One of the most effective ways you can help to increase the security of your business is with a dedicated guard dog security provision.

G.I.S can create a bespoke package that is right for your business. Our Security Dog Patrol can:

  • Protect property, people, premises and assets;
  • Comply with health and safety regulations;
  • Offer support to existing security staff onsite;
  • Pursue and detain any intruders;
  • Provide a reliable security provision for you and your business.Our dedicated and committed security guard dog handlers are all experienced and fully compliant with both the 1975 Guard Dogs Act and the Revised 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act. They are also trained to the National Association of Security Dog Users standard, SIA licensed and are vetted to BS7858. In turn, all of our security guard dogs undergo intensive training with their handlers to ensure that they are not only highly obedient but are trained to respond to any potential threats that may occur. When you choose G.I.S for your guard dog security, you can be safe in the knowledge that not only will you work with a reputable and knowledgeable team, your business will be protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team will work with you to understand your security needs. We’ll maintain regular site visits to ensure that both our security guard dogs and dog handlers are safe and working to the assigned site orders.Do you want to make your business more secure and get total peace of mind? Speak to one of our security specialists today.