Private Investigation

Our private detective agency and professional private investigator services will help uncover the facts, document the truth, thereby enabling you to make an informed decision.

G.I.S have handled business and personal relationships, family, matrimonial cases from the highest profile to the most discreet, all handled with tenacity, tact and empathy.

We have over 22 years experience within the Private Investigator and Private Detective industry and operate a 24hr 365 Day service manned at all times by experienced personnel, providing affordable, innovative solutions to sensitive or complex problems.

Our private detectives and private investigators are highly experienced and have proven track records in achieving excellent results in all types of private investigations.

Private investigators and private detectives are often called in to trace a missing relative or friend, helping to solve mysteries, uncover truths, ease anxiety and reunite people. Using our private investigation services is the efficient, cost effective, discreet way of gathering information.

Our Private Investigators also specialise matrimonial investigation. We understand fully the anxiety and probably the sleepless nights you have experienced to arrive at the decision to use our matrimonial investigation services. We can help to put your mind at rest; all the members of our surveillance and investigation team are very discreet and completely aware of the emotional effect of their results.

A private detective can be called in to help combat insurance fraud, our insurance fraud investigators can be hired to probe suspected instances of fraud, including those related to personal injury claims, household policies, health or employment and social security benefits.

G.I.S accept instructions to undertake liability, indemnity and fraud investigations on behalf of insurance companies, personal injury lawyers and claim handlers. Our investigators can be instructed to observe, visit the subject and undertake interviews with them.

Our corporate investigators expertise is very useful in the corporate world too, where protecting company secrets and assets, preserving confidentiality is essential for fiscal success. Private detectives can perform checks on existing employees and also perform pre-employment screening.

Our Private Investigators will supply daily written reports, time/date stamped, still photo evidence, our private investigators are also available as witnesses to lend additional weight to any litigation hearings. All cases are handled with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

In addition, we have dedicated private investigators and surveillance teams strategically placed in the UK, USA and Asia to name a few. Our operatives are selected from the police and military services and have extensive experience. For further information please don’t hesitate contact us.