Electronic Security Solutions

Do you understand the risks associated with today’s electronic security solutions? Do you own a CCTV system, a Smart TV or a PC/laptop with an integral camera?

Firstly, have you ever considered how these systems used monitor your lifestyle, behaviour, general routine and dress code… All from around the sanctuary of your own home from thousands of miles away?

Secondly, potential fraudsters actively harvest private and critical information from around your estate. Furthermore, this is used to mount a physical, financial or image based attack against you, your family or your property.

These days, information is more valuable than ever. Bought and sold, used to blackmail, to impersonate and much more. For example, a fraudulent practice called social engineering is when personal information. With this information, the criminal could do a variety of things, such as impersonation, identity theft and more.

A further example of this would be ringing up your bank and, with relevant knowledge, pretend to be you. Not only this, but fraudsters also ring up your other associated groups and organisations in order to gather more information.

Electronic Security Solutions – Keeping your Information Secure

Optical systems can be used to actively gather privileged information relating to Intellectual Property, Research & Development Items or even Confidential Information relating to future or pending personal or business intensions. This includes live or recorded footage obtained using your own systems, potentially to discredit you or members of your family.

Our security experts understand that certain rogue states and criminal organisations can and do conduct active and intrusive monitoring of your privacy, via your very own security and domestic electronic systems. We work hard to supply you with adequate electronic security solutions

Furthermore, we have a wealth of experience in providing bespoke electronic security solutions. This includes our clients across large estates, complex structures and challenging environments. Our security experts take a strategic approach with the design, supply, installation, maintenance and monitoring of our security solutions. Lastly, with our comprehensive 360° protection knowledge and support package, we give you peace of mind knowing your privacy is secure.


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