Close Protection

Our team of experienced male and female Close Protection professionals, who are sometimes referred to as body guards, are highly trained, extremely diplomatic and possess the ability to provide seamless levels of security.

Our operators are extremely professional having worked in both high and low risk situations. This invaluable experience and exposure allows them to applying the appropriate levels of protection, whilst allowing our clients and their families to work and enjoy their freedom to pursue life’s normal activities.

We always conduct an initial risk assessment prior to the commencement of any protection task, which is constantly updated with dynamic risk assessments as the task progresses. This allows us to best facilitate the safety of those entrusted into our care.

We believe our clients safety, security and well being is of paramount importance. In addition to ensuring that our clients are safe and secure, the peace of mind and comfort of busy individuals is considered and enhanced.

For people with accelerated lifestyles – be it for professional, personal or combined reasons, G.I.S personnel ensure that itineraries run to plan and that the long days. Sometimes overwhelming list of tasks can be accomplished with little intrusion from our security professionals. Our clients benefit from our experience in reducing the pressures they face, enabling them to focus on their professional and personal engagements without stress, complications or interruption.